Bread  - Il  Pane  Toscano

bread, pane Toscano, Toscana, Tuscany

The very first time I have been asked from our guests “where can we buy some good bread?”, I was surprised. Then this happened again and again ... 

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E. V.  O. O. - Olio  di  Oliva

extra vergin olive oil, EVOO, Olio d'oliva, villa, Casafredda, Arezzo, Toscana, Tuscany

Olive oil is a superb juice with a colour between gold and emerald green, intense bouquet and a balanced taste of bitter and spicy, clearly defined when young and freshly pressed ...

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Wine - Il  Vino

Whatever your opinion about wine would be, you can not miss to have a glass during your Italian journey, even better if combined with matching foodHere three options how to enjoy wine during your Tuscany experience, according to your taste, interests and enology knowledge.

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