Dining at Casafredda

The exploration of Mars fascinates me, sure! But sunset lights reflecting on a wine glass make me literally fall in love!

Spoil yourself with one of our many different dining options, and make your gourmet journey memorable with the discovery of genuine Eastern Tuscany cuisine. We only head for the best and freshest local products, when rarely not using the ones of our own production. We can also easily cater for any special requirement due of personal preferences, allergies or food intolerances. Casafredda adheres to organic EU protocols: therefore, while preparing our meals, we particularly focus on organic productions, and endeavor to reduce as much as we can the wastage of both food and packaging. 

Different services for different appetites

Breakfast is served daily from 8 am till 11 am in Casafredda's dining gallery (or anywhere else in the outdoor dining areas you may would prefer), and it is inclusive of coffees, teas, herbal teas, yogurt, juices, fresh fruit, cakes, home made jams, cereals, ham, cheese, and eggs any style. 


For those Casafredda's units with breakfast not included in the nightly rate, the service comes at euro 12/person.


Light meals are available at euro 25 per person, and may vary form salads, simple pasta meals, different kind of bruschetta, caprese salads, panzanella, grilled vegetables, and similars.

Light meals are inclusive of water, house wine, and coffee.


Over the years we've taken the path of reducing the quantity of meats on our table, and although our daily habits are mostly vegetarian (and mostly relaying on our own vegetable garden), from time to time we still love conceding us some typical meal. We have therefore selected an handful of local organic farmers taking care of the entire farming cycle. We know them personally, and it's important for us to know their approach to sustainable farming. And if you would like to visit their premises, well...it can be arranged! Confident in the quality of their supplies, we've been able to include also meats in our dining options; see below for better details.

BBQs are part of the local tradition, and in full respect of the bbq's spirit are a relaxed moment of sociality: generally once per week we love turning the large courtyard bbq on, and grill to perfection seasonal vegetables and different cut of meats on the crackling charcoal. Beers and house wine are included, as a little dessert before your final coffee. The cost is of euro 30 per person.


Tuscan lunch & dinner options are also available, starting at euro 35 per person for a 3 course meal (entree, main, dessert), to a 60 euro per person 5 course gourmet experience matched with a delightful selection of local wines. 


Cooking classes: something you may have considered while planning your journey, and here we go! At Casafredda we literally love this kind of experience, as they are a great opportunity for us to better meet our guests, and spend with them some quality time while working has on regional recipes. 


The standard class takes approximately 3 hours, and includes the preparation of a classic entree,  spinach & ricotta ravioli (we only use artisanal organic flours, and will make comparison with the commercial ones), and the sumptuous Casafredda's tiramisù. We'll also have some appetizer and rise few glasses of wine during the preparation, before sitting together for enjoying your own made Tuscan meal. The cost is of 50 euro per person, and is inclusive of all drinks.


The epicurean class takes an hour longer of preparation, and is entirely dedicated to meat-lovers willing to discover more peculiar and elaborate recipes of this territory: ingredients could range from rabbit to guinea fowl, duck, Grigio del Casentino pork, Chianina beef, wild boar and we could work on classic casseroles, sweet and sour stews, roasted meats, ragouts, pates, and much more, accordingly with your preferences and the availability of raw ingredients.

The main course will be matched with appropriate big bodied Tuscan reds, and the experience comes at a cost of euro 80 per person, inclusive of water, selected wine, coffee and the indispensable home made digestives at the end of our dinner.

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