For  Art Lover,  Relax Hunter and Family Reunion

Casafredda infinity swimming pool

Right in the heart of Italy, Casafredda western facade looks out to crop fields, vines and olive groves. Sitting on top of Ceciliano's hill promises blue sky, stunning sunsets and total privacy, but on the eastern side ...


... it boards with Ceciliano villagewhich provide several first need stores; located within 3km from Arezzo historical town, train station and 10 minutes drive from A1 motorway. Casafredda hosts groups up to 16 guests with exclusive use of the park and infinity pool


How could you know if villa Casafredda is the right place for your holidays? Thanks to the acquired experience since 2011, we know our guests split into three major categories: Art Lovers, Relax Hunters & Family Reunions


Are you an Art

& History Lover?

Perseo, Medusa, Cellini, Loggia Lanzi, Firenze, Toscana, Tuscany, Uffizi Gallery

You are going to enjoy Casafredda location. Click for popular tourist destinations, hidden amenities and scenic views in the proximity


Relax Hunter or Routine Escaper?

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Casafredda offers relax and entertainment for adults and kids. You may spend the whole week here without

getting bored or feeling tight


Planning your Family Reunion?

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