Family Reunion

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Birthdays, Big-birthdays, Anniversary, Festivity or simple holidays and vacation, many different occasions have been celebrated in villa-Casafredda in the past ...

It was heartwarming to see families, often spread in different parts of the world, greeting and hugging once arrived in Villa Casafredda for their reunion. These guests are composed of people of any age, from elderly to newborns and they require a variety of services and space options. For example indoor and outdoor common areas with long tables able to sit the whole family together, but also cozy corners where to find a private moment for few hours of work or relaxation, far from the madding crowd

Spring 2016

Firenze, Perseo, Cellini, Toscana, Tuscany, Italy

You are going to enjoy Casafredda location. Click for popular tourist destinations, hidden amenities and scenic views in the proximity

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Casafredda offers relax and entertainment for adults and kids. You may spend the whole week here without getting bored or feeling tight


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