Supporting Ukraine

15 March 2022


Following the Ukrainian emergency, we gave immediate availability to welcome people under our roof who were seeking shelter from war scenarios.


To date we host 7 refugees, 3 of which are pre-school children.

Their convinced desire to support voluntary organizations of their territory, and close friends who have remained in their homeland due to force majeure, immediately emerged.


We therefore decided to create this bridge page, leaving to Yulia (spokesperson for the group currently hosted at Casafredda), the opportunity to illustrate different options for supporting directly Ukranian citizens and organizations currently operative in the country.

As a volunteer I was a member of Starenki team and helped with communication on social networks, development of Facebook pages, worked with opinion leaders and invented creative ways for fundraising for more than 4 years. There are currently many lonely elders in Ukraine, with pensions often under 90 euros per month, which barely cover the cost of medicines and prescription drugs: Satrenki particularly looks after this category of citizens.


The fund also helps with food deliveries, which in a war scenario is a primary support, as they simply are unable to move around the city searching for supplies: sadly, the only place these old people can reach is the entrance of their houses, and this is the reason why volunteers are their only realible support.


For more info on Starenki, please visit their website or their Instagram 

Two professional photographers friend of mine, Julia & Alex, are still in Kyiv, feeding their two cats and 16 more  in the neighboring yards.


As you can imagine their job has been heavily compromised by the war, but they are still willing to provide their services to anybody willing to support them in this hard time: they can sell their art/food/travel stock photos, or even shoot something, as they have studio backgrounds at home.


For a full overview on their products, please visit their shops on:


- Shutterstock

- Etsy

- Behance

The fund I personally help is Come Back Alive: the organization is aimed at saving lives, not putting them in danger. They help providing the Ukranian army with laptops, lights, photo equipment, cables, and maintenance thereof. The Funds ad resources are aimed at the Ukrainian servicemen and women need of medical assistance or rehabilitation. By donating you contribute to saving their lives.

One more friend of mine who still is in Kyiv is Alyona, a painter graduate of the National Academy of Arts and Architecture of Kyiv.

She could teach an online drawing class or sell some of her paintings.

Please, take into consideration that currently there is a curfew in Kyiv, and all post offices are closed.


For more info, please visit Alyona website or her Instagram