The upper lounge & art studio

Due of its peculiar history, the first floor living area offers a different experience than a classic Tuscan farmhouse, taking flexibility as password to unlock its potential. 

This space is accessible through the internal architecturally designed flight of stairs, which provides views of the two floors from many different perspectives.

On the walls, a collection of oils, acrylics, and prints will capture the most attentive eyes.

The central and colorful lounge is a large open space designed in the early 70's during the major renovation of the roof, which left the original timber features in Le Stanze del Pittore and Le Stanze del Cangi only.

Nowadays the entire living area has been organized for pure entertainment: comfortable seats, cards, chess, pool table, drawing table, TV SAT, DVD player, and a large books and comics collection. Easels are also available, and the pool table can be converted in a large social table comfortably sitting 8 guests for a workshop, or a retreat conversation.

A covered geranium terrace is also accessible from this large open space, offering a perfect spot for painting and reading in the morning sun light.

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