A little bit about us

Michela, Dell'Agnello, Cherici, Villa, Casafredda, Arezzo, Toscana, Tuscany, Italy



Born on the Tuscan coast in Livorno, architect, has worked both in Italy and abroad with satisfaction. She loves preparing fresh pasta, jams, cakes, preserves, wholemeal bread and hes very dangerous liqueurs.

Recently she has started a particularly demanding battle with the self-production of natural yeasts, which she uses for pizzas, different breads and focaccia with oil and rosemary.


The fact that she is a book worm with a certain predilection for classical mythology and science fiction readings has irremediably influenced her ideas about aliens, which she loves to talk about under the starry skies of Casafredda. She married Sergio in 2011, but she has been enduring him since 1997 ... and doing yoga is of great help in this undertaking!

Sergio, Cherici, Villa, Casafredda, Arezzo, Toscana, Tuscany, Italy


Born in Arezzo and repentant of being an architect, he abandoned his nibs and drafting machine to return his arms to agriculture, his hands to the kitchen and his legs to his beloved woods. When he's not on the tractor, in the vegetable garden or busy in the kitchen, you can find him wandering through the Casentino forests, greedy for mushrooms and chestnuts.


When he was much younger and vastly dumber he was co-owner of a restaurant in New Zealand.

He loves cooking typical local dishes for Casafredda's friends, with a particular predilection for fresh meats and pasta. His recipes require time and patience, which is why he has organized comfortable seating and numerous glass supports all around the workstation. His motto is "you don't get old at the table". He never finds the house keys ... and thank goodness Michela is there.